If you have problems to upload data into your profile - Dashboard:

  1. Check if you Armbeep device is properly connected to computer and Status light is on or blinking Blue (in Windows 10 light will turn blue after you "Confirm device" in the Armbeep Uploader program). 
  2. Start the Armbeep Uploader program on your computer
  3. Select the player to whom you will upload the data.

  4. You must see a window "Successfully connected device belonging to"

  5. If you get "Device not found" window then ...

  6. Try another USB port on your PC.

  7. Check the USB cable, if the contacts are ok.
  8. Try with another USB cable.
  9. Check, if you have updated your computer and the Armbeep Uploader program to the latest version.

If you still have problems, then contact our support.